Prepare or have your groceries assembled by our team and then have them delivered to your home or pick them up at the store.

You can assemble your order yourself in-store or place your order so that our staff can prepare it with care and attention. Just call us, write to us or use the IGA Online Grocery service to send us your order without having to set foot outside the door.

To place an order by email, we invite you to download the procedure and the forms for the store from which you wish to receive your order.

IGA Saint-Lambert (371 Victoria Ave): ProcedurePDF formExcel form

IGA Préville (299, Boul. Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier): ProcedurePDF formExcel form

IGA Nun’s Island (30, Place du Commerce, Verdun): ProcedurePDF formExcel form

IGA Complexe Desjardins: ProcedurePDF FormExcel Form

IGA Place Dupuis: ProcedurePDF formExcel form

In the event we assemble your order, shipping and assembly fees as well as a minimum purchase will apply.

Contact your store to confirm the costs as well as the time and hours of delivery.

Specialty Products

You don’t want to be caught short? Plan your events ahead by booking specialty products.

We have access to a variety of exclusive or seasonal products for which you can place advance orders, such as foie gras, game, aged meat, fruit baskets, buffet, fresh turkeys, etc.

Place your order with the manager of the concerned department.

Prosuits de spécialité


Hosting a small party with friends, a weekend brunch or child’s party? You will find IGA Louise Ménard has everything you need to elaborate a custom buffet.

With our catering service, you’ll host your guests hassle free and with taste, from appetizer to dessert. Choose from our selection of gourmet sandwiches of all kinds, fine cheeses and cold meat platters, a wide selection of salads and vegetables as well as sea delights.

Come by the store or go to the IGA Online Buffet Service.


In Store Specialists

You are interested by a new product but don’t know how to prepare it? One of our in store specialists will be happy to answer your questions and help you succeed with your recipe.

You will find a specialist in every department of IGA Louise Ménard.

Visit the IGA Louise Ménard web site to follow our specialists and discover their favourite dishes, recipes and suggestions.


Items in Bulk

You need food in large quantities? No worries, you can buy them at IGA Louise Ménard.

Come by the service counter to get the “Director’s Discount” applicable on bulk purchases. This discount is only available on products at regular price and long term discounts.

Produits en grande quantité

Custom Cakes

To make your events unforgettable, order a custom cake!

Go to the bakery department to add the words you want, a photo or even decorate your cake with your children’s favourite characters.

Gâteau personalisés

Boxed Lunches

Need a lunch for your business meetings? Our catering service can prepare a series of practical and delicious boxed lunches. Forget about tight deadlines for a while and enjoy!

Come by the store or go to the IGA Online Buffet Service.

Boite à lunch

Hot Table and Takeout

A simple craving or need a full meal on the go? Our hot tables offer a variety of meals each day, ranging from BBQ chicken to pasta dishes, meat and even fish, served with various side dishes.

Some of our stores also offer full takeaway meals in the evening. Perfect solution for supper!

Go to the ready-to-eat counter for information.

Table chaude

Escort and Winter Car Service

At IGA Louise Ménard, exceptional service does not stop when you leave the cash. Our representatives can escort and help you load your order into your vehicle.

On rainy days, they can also make sure you get to your car nice and dry under an umbrella.

Finally, on snowy days, some of our stores offer a car delivery service, where an attendant will check your cart as you collect your vehicle and then help you load your grocery.

Do not hesitate to ask the Service department of your store.


Sushi Counters

Discover our delicious fresh sushi, prepared daily in store before your eyes by rigorously trained Mito Sushi chefs.

Our sushi can be customized according to your preferences or food allergies.

Sushi is also available by advance order. Plan ahead for dinner and pick up your order in store just after work, or enjoy our trays combining up to 100 pieces for receptions and parties.

You can download their menu here.


Fruit Baskets

A fruit basket is a nice gift for a loved one. It’s an attention that is always appreciated.

Get the information in store and select your own fruits to make up the basket. Feel free to add products offered in store for a more personalized gift!

Friends Making a Toast

Carpet Cleaning Machines Rental

IGA Louise Ménard offers rental of machines for cleaning rugs, and products needed to accomplish this task (soap, spotter, anti-foaming products, etc.). Most of our carpet cleaners are equipped with fittings or accessories that also make cleaning upholstered furniture such as sofas and armchairs.

Check with your store to confirm the fees and details on conditions of use.

Location machines

Cooking Appliances Rental

You would like to organize a raclette dinner and need an additional oven? Hosting a fundraising campaign and don’t know where to find a large enough coffee maker for your needs? We can help!

IGA Louise Ménard offers an equipment rental service of all kind to help you during your receptions and events.

Check with your store for the list of rental equipment as well as to confirm the fees and details on conditions of use.

Location cuisson