We are proud to have been providing year after year a helping hand to organizations that help the poor and those going through difficult times. A major turning point of this contribution in 2014: a partnership with Moisson Montreal, with the goal to significantly increase assistance to charities in the greater Montreal area and the province of Quebec.

Every month, each of our five branches gives to Moisson Montreal edible food of different kind: meat, dry goods, fruits and vegetables, bakery, etc. Our contribution has helped Moisson Montréal offer meat to 45 collective kitchens and meals on wheels, which also them to perform spectacular savings they can use to improve their services.

Furthermore, we undertook to install in many of our branches electronic waste recycling bins as well as used battery recycling boxes.

Finally, in collaboration with Jour de la Terre, our 5 branches have gone even more “green” by improving their management of recyclable materials.

All little things for society and the environment!

We invite you to know more about our initiatives in-store. You can also consult the different media below who mentioned our initiatives in 2014.

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