Louise Ménard has owned and operated supermarkets for over thirty years. Raised in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood, she began her career by taking over the operations of a troubled store in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area. Quickly, her entrepreneurial and management talents allowed her to return the business into profitability. A pioneer and a visionary, she then pursued a series of acquisitions and constructions that has led to opening stores in prime locations such as Saint-Lambert, Candiac, Châteauguay, Nun’s Island and downtown Montreal, all under the IGA banner.

Passionate about food and her producers, concerned about the quality of the service, her business stands out from the competition given her keen attention to detail and continual research for exceptional products. Often asked by the media to comment on the evolution of the industry, Louise Ménard remains a benchmark in both her contribution to the advancement of the profession of grocer and her success as a businesswoman.

Her son, Bruno Ménard joined IGA Louise Ménard after several years in the media and communication industry. He puts his extensive management experience to the benefit of the family business to ensure continuity and maintenance of the excellent reputation it enjoys in the food industry.

Today, with 600 employees and nearly 100,000 clients each week, IGA Louise Ménard markets are established in five locations: Saint-Lambert (2), Nun’s Island, Complexe Desjardins and Place Dupuis.