Louise Ménard has owned and operated supermarkets for over thirty years. Raised in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood, she began her career by taking over the operations of a troubled store in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area. Quickly, her entrepreneurial and management talents allowed her to return the business into profitability. A pioneer and a visionary, she then pursued a series of acquisitions and constructions that has led to opening stores in prime locations such as Saint-Lambert, Candiac…

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At IGA Louise Ménard, we are passionate about food. Our company has been built over the years on this passion and the privilege of being at our customer’s table daily.

With this trust from our customers, we strive to offer them outstanding service and products. We have the audacity to position ourselves as high-end grocery stores and we put all our efforts into fulfilling our promise.

Our dedicated…

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