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As an alternative to IGA’s online service, we invite you to place your order by email.

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Dear customers,

Since the arrival of the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) a few weeks ago, it has been an unusual situation for us all.

We thank you for your patience, collaboration and understanding.

We continue to apply and follow all measures recommended by our banner and public health authorities to prevent the spread of the virus to customers and employees. This is our priority.

Since the beginning of this crisis, we have put several measures in place to protect you and our employees, as well as help contain the spread of COVID-19.

In this regard, you will have noted that Plexiglas windows were installed in some of our stores, and soon in our other locations. Floor and store signage have also been put in place to encourage social distancing.

Various other signage has also been put in place for you to help us fight the spread of the virus, such as promoting the temporary use of credit, debit cards and the “tapping” from your phone, avoiding bringing reusable bags, temporary interruption of bottle and can deposit as well as other measures. We would be grateful if you could help us implement these measures by paying attention to the in-store communications and conform to them.

Restriction of opening and closing hours of our stores as well ceasing service in various departments are necessary to reassign our staff on essential tasks, namely sanitizing the store and equipment, ensure availability of basic products, and filling shelves.

According to the Government of Quebec, Health Canada and WHO, wearing gloves and masks is not recommended. For more information on this, we invite you to consult their respective sites, in particular the section concerning COVID-19.

Many products are still out of stock given the volume of purchases made in recent weeks. Reception of goods is still problematic. Despite this, alternative products are available until the situation is back to normal.

It is also possible that long queues appear in store given the influx and the beyond norm volume of purchases. We apologize.

Despite this, our staff strives to provide exceptional customer service.

Again, we thank you for your understanding and your patience in this time of crisis.

Thank you.


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A superior product and a culinary delight! The pesto sauces from Genoese basil grown in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, are fresh, natural, organic and without preservatives. The range of products created by Marcel Bélisle, after several trips to Italy, counts 5 types of pesto: Genoese, Vegan, Dried tomatoes, Red peppers, and Lovage and hemp.   For…

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A new oil emerging in Quebec and elsewhere: Camelina oil. Relatively unknown until recently, this oil has exceptional qualities for maintaining a good health. It is rich in Omega 3, which helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and contains a good daily serving of vitamin E. In addition, Camelina oil has a high smoke point, which gives…

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