At IGA Louise Ménard, we are passionate about food. Our company has been built over the years on this passion and the privilege of being at our customer’s table daily.

With this trust from our customers, we strive to offer them outstanding service and products. We have the audacity to position ourselves as high-end grocery stores and we put all our efforts into fulfilling our promise.

Our dedicated and passionate team is a testament to the “human” environment we have worked to put in place; we consider our employees and strive to create a workplace in which they can grow and flourish. We are privileged to have people from different origins and backgrounds that enrich our company and allow IGA Louise Ménard to better serve its clients.

Each of our branches is part of equally rich and diverse communities. Since our foundation in 1981, IGA Louise Ménard has always made a point to contribute to the communities in which we operate, through all kinds of activities such as reading workshops for children, charitable and community events. Recently, we began a business relationship with Moisson Montreal whereby we give them a significant amount of consumable unsold goods twice a week. This has had the effect of replenishing charitable and soup kitchens in the greater Montreal area; and for this we are very proud.


At IGA Louise Ménard, we are passionate people.